In this episode, Jen is the one who is interviewed!  She chats with Jenny Kutzner and Melissa Pearce from City2Shore Real Estate about special loan programs for physicians and other medical professionals. 

Jenny Kutzner is a former elementary school teacher-turned Realtor! She taught in California and Michigan, and is now selling homes with City2Shore Real Estate. Her husband is completing his 4th year of orthopedic surgery residency at Spectrum Health, and they have two big German Shepherds. Jenny loves spending time with friends and family, outdoor activities, and is passionate about food and fitness! She also enjoys exploring local businesses and making new connections.

Melissa Pearce is a Realtor at City2Shore Real Estate’s Wealthy St. office. Her husband, Jordan, is also a 4th year orthopedic surgery resident at Spectrum Health. A mother of two school aged children, she spends most of her free time at hockey practice and swim lessons. Melissa enjoys spending time with friends, visiting family, cooking, and traveling. 

Jenny and Melissa are excited to work together to help residents and their families with the home-buying and selling process! They’ve been through it first-hand and want to make the transition as stress-free as possible for everyone else. 

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